Antodoto – Atomic Café

Molto caffè, molta potenza musicale.

The troublemaker-Atomic Café.
Isaac Hayes-Theme from Shaft-Blaxploitation.
Michael Longo-Like a thief in the night-Revenge of the ghetto grooves.
Donny Hathaway-The Ghetto- Blaxploitation.
Do whatever sets you free-
Brother Johnson-Strawberry Letter 23-Blaxploitation.
Donald Byrd-One Gun Salute-B
Curtis Mayfield-Pusherman-Blaxploitation.
Marlena Shaw-Woman of the ghetto.
Curtys Mayfield-
Bob& Earl-Harlem Shuffle-
Darrow Fletcher-I think I’m gonna Write you a Song-
Johnny Harris- Stepping Stones-
Bar Kays-Son of Shaft-
Isaac Hayes-Truck turner.
Bill Withers-Who is he and what is he to you.
Bill Coday-get your lie straight.
James Brown-Stone to the bone.
Herbie Hancock-death wish.
Dennis Coffey-Black belt Jones-
Joe Simon featuring the Mainstreaters.theme from Cleopatra jones
Billy Paul-am I black enough for you?
Timmy Thomas-Why can’t we live together-
Esther Philips-Home is where the hatred is.