Frank Gossner – Radio Residence 22 – 26 april 2013

Frank Gossner - Backyard


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Frank Gossner – Voodoo Funk

Venerdì 26 aprile
Magazzini FFS, Chiasso

Ore 01.15

Lu 22 – Ve 26 dalle 19.00 alle 20.00 –> sulle frequenze di Radio Gwendalyn

Frank Gossner è un Dj professionista di Berlino che ha trovato fama con le feste basate sull’edizione del 1971 della colonna sonora psichedelica di Jess Franco sui Vampyros Lesbos. Fondando così la Soul Explosions nel 2000 ha creato l’evento di Deep Funk più importante d’Europa.

Un continuo ricercatore, nel 2005 parte per l’Africa dell’Ovest passando per la Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Benin e Nigeria costruendo una intensa rete di vinili di raro Funk Africano. Nei suoi viaggi ha avuto molte esperienze estreme rischiando la vita tra panne nei deserti, rapina con i machete, percorsi attraverso strade imbattute. Tutto ciò per poter acquisire album per condividere con il mondo.Le sue cronache sono state documentate sull’acclamato blog

L’effetto sono una composizione psichedelica proiettata su diversi luoghi del festival, dalla gente allo schermo stesso dietro l’artista. Motivi e pattern di colori simboleggianti storie e vere esperienze di vita si intersecano con la pelle del pubblico.

Frank Gossner’s career as a DJ began 1994 in Berlin where he had a major success with the promo parties for the re-release of the Soundtrack to Jess Franco’s psychedelic 1971 sleaze classic Vampyros Lesbos. After touring all over Germany with this event, Frank left Berlin for NY in summer of 1996 where his weekly Vampyros Lesbos Party became an instant success and went on for 4 continuous years. In 2000, Frank moved back to Berlin where he founded the Soul Explosion which soon became Europe’s biggest Deep Funk event.

In 2005, Frank again felt the urge to find new musical horizons so he turned the Soul Explosion over to his friend King Dynamite and took a plane to West Africa where he extensively traveled countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Benin and Nigeria to build up a unique collection of rare African Funk records. For a while, he also hosted a radio show in Freetown and held club nights at various nightspots in the Guinean capital Conakry. At times he had to flee through countries under martial law, spent days stranded in the middle of nowhere due to broken down bush taxis, got robbed at machete-point and braved thousands of miles of unpaved roads. All of this in the purchase of rare and unknown grooves to share with the rest of the world. His record digging road trip adventures are chronicled on his critically acclaimed blog, together with more than 40 one-hour-long mp3 mixes and countless photographs and record cover scans.

In the summer of 2008, after 3 years in West Africa, Frank moved to NYC where he held down club residencies at Santo’s, Glasslands, The South Paw and at Zebulon. From NYC Frank continued flying back to Africa for month long digging trips once or twice every year. Due to a strong network of Ghanaian and Nigerian agents, boxes full of records from the Black Continent arrived at the Voodoo Funk headquarters in Brooklyn all through his time in NYC..

In 2009, Voodoo Funk re-released the legendary solo album by Pax Nicholas of Fela and the Afrika 70 fame together with his friends at Daptone Records. In March of 2010 Voodoo Funk put out the Lagos Disco Inferno double LP/CD on Academy LP’s which sold in its entire first edition within the first week of its release and had to be re-pressed immediately. Next came a retrospective on Ghanaian cult band The Psychedelic Aliens and various other re-issues of rare to unknown West African Funk and Afrobeat records like both Marijata LPs, the Freedom Family album, a long lost Afrobeat record by Orlando Julius and a whole series of hard hitting Nigerian Deep Funk 45s.

In 2012 Frank moved to Central America on a top secret mission that is rumored to last several years. Constantly on the move, Frank might interrupt his expeditions at any given time to pop up at the most unexpected of places to lay down an exclusive DJ set, loaded with the treasures of the unknown.

Frank Gossner’s DJ sets burst with exclusive tracks that are so rare that they can’t be heard anywhere else on this planet while his over 15 years of experience in selecting tracks for a dancing crowd keeps him from sacrificing accessibility for the mere sense of obscurity.

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