Seventeen Seconds – Season 2 – Puntata #10

14 dicembre 2017
Rubrica Musicale (New Wave, Dark, Synth/Electro Pop, New Romantics, 80’s)
A cura di Herbert Pacton & Federico Juan Rossi

Seventeen Seconds accende i suoi microfoni su Radio Gwen per farvi compagnia e farvi passare 1 ora e mezza con i suoni dei mitici anni 80…. ma non solo…. avremo sempre un orecchio teso verso il presente per scoprire i nuovi gruppi che ancora oggi ricalcano e cercano di tenere viva quest’ondata musicale…..

In onda tutti i Giovedì dalle ore 12.30 – alle 14:00

Seventeen seconds è nato da una passione smisurata per il periodo che ha cavalcato la musica a tra la fine degli anni 70 e tutto il 1980. Herbert e Federico tra una pezzo musicale e l’altro, accompagneranno gli ascoltatori attraverso notizie improbabili recuperate da tutto il mondo e qui la differenza da altre trasmissioni che si occupano di musica Dark, New Wave… si fa sentire.

You only need seventeen seconds to love them…

Scaletta Puntata:

In questa puntata, abbiamo il grandissimo onore di avere in scaletta

“MARLAT 2.0”



P ost Fa t a R esu r g o

P.F.R is e brand new EP by Marlat, a power and atmospheric journey rough e darkness of e unconscious, a ip on e oneiric and spiritual world of Marlat.
Guided by “Le Mat”, Marlat during his journey meets different situa ons and arche pal figures at drive her e final revelation.
Traveling inbetween dreams and reality the goal of Marlat is to teach the men how interpretate uncounscious by revealing archetypal images and symbols.
P.F.R is not a concept album, but the key to unlook the door with a darker mix of gothic rock, elettronica and esorteric dark wave .
Post Fata Resurgo is released by Atmosphere Records.

“Since the beginning of ages

Marlat is a female entity that sometimes can appear as a male. She’s living since the beginning of all ages.
She died at the stake accused be a Witch in 1666 by the hands of the evil men.
From the stake, as the legend of the Phoneix, has been reborn, and now she lives in the collective unconscious.
Marlat symbols are: Triangle, Uroboros, Moon Phases and Pheonix.
To communicate she appears in men’s dreams, or she also leaves signs decipher.
Band’s members know that, and translate those dreams and signs into songs, let the world knows Marlat’s message.

“B a n d m e m b er s a n d”

Fra Ange Noir: Vocals, Synth
Philippo M: Vocals, Guitars, Bass VI and Synth
Emanuele Ubermensch: Bass
Simone Unmerciful: Drums

“T h e Son gs”

Ipazia: if men don’t want listen to the truth, they kill the truth.
Shoot me: sometimes we have to shoot on beauty to do not get blinded and have to surrender to it.
Nocturne: the creatures who live in the night.
The Ritual: burn the Witch if you are scared of her.
The Wraith: is a song about beeing observed by something in the night.
Ophélie: freely ispired to a Rimbaud novel, is about to cross the river to back home.
Frozen (Madonna Cover): is a Madonna Cover with Marlat 2.0 boost.

“L in ks”

P o s t F a t a R e s u r g o:

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Music, Lyrics and arrangements by Marlat 2.o except “ the Wraith ” Lyrics By Stefano Cammelli and Marlat 2.o and Frozen (Madonna Cover) Music and Lyrics by Madonna and Patrik Leonard.

Recorded, mixed and Mastered at “AudioCore Studio” by Simone Sighinolfi and Luca Cocconi. Produced by Marlat with the help of Simone Sighinolfi and Luca Cocconi.


SFEM / The Lads Production
Toten Schwan Records