Seventeen Seconds – Season 2 – Puntata #8

30 novembre 2017
Rubrica Musicale (New Wave, Dark, Synth/Electro Pop, New Romantics, 80’s)
A cura di Herbert Pacton & Federico Juan Rossi

Seventeen Seconds accende i suoi microfoni su Radio Gwen per farvi compagnia e farvi passare 1 ora e mezza con i suoni dei mitici anni 80…. ma non solo…. avremo sempre un orecchio teso verso il presente per scoprire i nuovi gruppi che ancora oggi ricalcano e cercano di tenere viva quest’ondata musicale…..

In onda tutti i Giovedì dalle ore 12.30 – alle 14:00

Seventeen seconds è nato da una passione smisurata per il periodo che ha cavalcato la musica a tra la fine degli anni 70 e tutto il 1980. Herbert e Federico tra una pezzo musicale e l’altro, accompagneranno gli ascoltatori attraverso notizie improbabili recuperate da tutto il mondo e qui la differenza da altre trasmissioni che si occupano di musica Dark, New Wave… si fa sentire.

You only need seventeen seconds to love them…

Scaletta Puntata:

In questa puntata, abbiamo il grandissimo onore di avere in scaletta gli

“Advanced Art”


Advanced Art are one of the pioneers of Finnish electronic music, originally active from 1985 to 1995. The creative core of Advanced Art consisted of Jana (voice+words) and Vince (machines+melodies).

Musically the band evolved from the early synth pop demos to a more EBM or industrial direction. This did not stop them opening their gigs with the claim “We play pop.”

The band was formed in 1985 when old pals Jana and Pete met Vince through a mutual friend. They mentioned their synth band project to Vince who wanted in. Jana and Pete conveniently ‘forgot’ to mention they had nothing but the idea and the attitude, and actually lacked songs, equipment, and quite possibly talent too. Nevertheless, the band was formed.

First demos were made under the name Abstract and some live appearances as Authorized Version. The live line-up varied as Vince and the new member Otto took turns in wanting to concentrate on sound engineering. A few more demos were made, and two split 7″ singles with Two Witches were released as ‘vinyl demos’ on Darklands Records.

In 1991 Poko Rekords signed the band (at the time Jana, Vince and Reeta). This resulted in 12″ Scar (1991) and mcd Time (1992). A couple of videos got airplay on MTV Europe (thank you mr Paul King). For the cd Product (1993) Advanced Art were joined by Factor who co-wrote some songs and played live percussion. The cd Force (1994) was a bit of a concept thing with its live and update sections. By now, the band consisted of Jana and Vince; live gigs featured an old friend PW on percussion. Early vinyl singles plus some demo tracks were re-released on cd by VUZ Records.

Advanced Art never really toured as such (apart from an occasional trip to Sweden) but played one-off gigs, sometimes in fairly unusual venues such as illegal warehouse parties. Advanced Art were really not into cover songs so it was only appropriate that the final gig ended with one; Advanced Art appeared on the Alivaltiosihteeri tribute cd and concerts and finished them off with an Alivaltiosihteeri cover ‘Te olette huono yleisö’ (‘You are a lousy audience’).

Jana and Vince got back together in late 90s to record two new tracks ‘Blind’ and ‘Free world’ for the debut compilation of Vince’s new label, Control.

Vince is currently working with Impakt! (with PW on percussion). Impakt!’s debut album Imperia was released in 2012. Jana has written some lyrics for Flux Fin, and some day may or may not release another song with his synth pop project Camp Electronique. Former Advanced Art members have appeared in e.g. Neuroactive, [Active] Media Disease, Shade Factory and Recycle.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Advanced Art, not one but two compilations were released in 2015. The vinyl album “Darkhive” (Artoffact Records) featured material from the band’s tape and vinyl years. 200 black and 100 white vinyl copies were made.

The double cd album “Archive” (EK Product) was released in 500 copies. FIrst cd, called Forward, included songs from 1991 to 1998 i.e. from the first Poko Rekords releases to the posthumous Control compilation tracks. The second cd, Backward, went from 1995 back to the very first demo in 1987, including remixes, live versions and previously unreleased tracks.

In 2016 Advanced Art were invited to the songwriter club of Lumous Festival in Tampere, to tell about songs and the stories behind them. Jana and Vince did this for 48 minutes, then apologised for not talking for an hour as promised, but if it was ok for the audience, they’d use the remaining time to demonstrate what’s been talked about. Then they played three songs – Force Majeure, Wake Up and Black Roses – making this the first Advanced Art live appearance in 21 years. (Meelis, of course, took care of the live sound engineer.)

In 2017 the Advanced Art compilations finally appeared online too, for download and listening enjoyment on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and many others.

Line up

Jana – voice and words
Vince – machinery and music
Pete (machinery and live percussion 1985-1990)
Otto A (machinery 1987-1988)
Reeta (2nd voice and live synth 1989-1992)
Factor (machinery and live percussion 1992-1993)
PW (live percussion 1993-1995)
Meelis Niin (live sound engineering 1991-1995)

Città di origine

Tampere, Finland


EK Product, Artoffact Records, Poko Rekords